Canada’s Express Entry backlog has declined by nearly 24,000 persons || VO Visas

Economic class inventory is down overall, but TR2PR program inventory is slowing progress

The number of economic class applicants in the backlog is down by 24,400 since the end of October. These gains were slowed down by increases under other economic class pathways. There were some gains in non-Express Entry PNP streams as well as the Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence (TR2PR) program. The number of base Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) applicants in IRCC’s inventory grew by 4,685. Base PNPs are paper-based, meaning it takes longer to process applicants, compared to enhanced PNP streams, which are aligned with Express Entry and hence typically enjoy faster processing times since applications are submitted electronically.

IRCC making major progress on CEC and FSWP inventories

Express Entry has enjoyed the largest improvement among all economic class pathways, decreasing by 23,748 persons since December. The Express Entry inventory stood at 119,389 persons in December but fell to 95,641 persons by the end of February. In February alone, the Canadian Experience Class inventory fell by 3,051 persons while the Federal Skilled Worker Program inventory fell by 4,314 persons.



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